Testimonial for Design Risk Management and elearn+


“Being a landmark venue we have some 300,000 people through our doors each year which in itself brings an awareness level for health & safety, not to mention our 75+ employees and various suppliers and delivery personnel – so it is imperative that our elected “Health & Safety” staff have the best training available to them year on year.”


“I do not believe in the one off training session covering all aspects, it simply is not sensible or effective, sure you are covered for that moment and your staff retain some of the training but it simply does not tick all the boxes.”


“I was very pleased when I came across DRM and their elearn+ product, which we used for the FETAC level 5 – Occupational First Aid learning aid, but most importantly my staff were able to get 1-10 group training PLUS they were and indeed are able to continue with their online training and refresher content, this means that their confidence in what they are trained for remains a constant, this to me is a health and safety solution as well as an HR solution (as it can be monitored and rewarded) and it shows best practice.”


“To date my staff have been trained in first aid, fire warden and manual handling – all via DRM, I have no hesitation in recommending this company for your health and safety requirements regardless of industry sector, they are courteous, prompt, efficient and thorough and they manage this whilst being extremely price conscious and competitive.”


Anthony McMahon






We at Johnnie Fox's were very proudinvolved in the EnviroCom awards. The award is given to companies that show they go above and beyond the legal requirements for food waste handling, packaging and energy consumption.


In the printed material from EnviroCom it was noted that "The judges were quick to note that Johnnie Fox's Pub was the first pub the enter the EnviroCom awards which shows leadership in that sector."


Johnnie Fox's has over the years put great effort in to reducing it's energy and water consumption by:

  • having motion detection PIR's controlling non public areas for lights.
  • increasing general insulation throughout the pub where possible.
  • having water use monitors in place.
  • upgrading the heating system throughout the pub.
  • using energy saving bulbs where possible.
  • addressing water use in the kitchens and stores.
  • monitoring greywater levels and removal.

With the advent of the current food waste regulations brought in 2010, Johnnie Fox's had not been asleep in this area either as we had already moved our food waste over to composting and thereby reducing general waste, furthermore, we upskilled our staff in relation to recycling at source within the business and continue to grow the area around delivery packaging and internal packaging on food items and general products, as such we have:

  • created a Green Team of four staff members.
  • had on-going training with our waste removal supplier.
  • placed signs in situ directing our staff on recycling standards.
  • built a secure area for the recycling wheelie bins to avoid contamination of recyclables.
  • set up a roster for staff to lead the green awareness within the kitchen.

We intend to continue to grow our "greeness" here at the pub and will in time begin to focus more on third party greeness, such as to monitor where produce is sourced from in an effort to reduce vehicle emissions. We are committed to this for the environment and the island of Ireland.