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Johnnie Fox's head chef, Aykan Arslan.



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Q. Could I have your recipe for Seafood Chowder please???? It is so delicious and I would love to try and make it at home.

Many Thanks,


A. Thank you for your email. I will give you the basics of our chowder but specifics will not be any use to you such as measurements as we cater for so many soups per day as you can imagine.

The chowder is a potato and onion base soup with fish stock, 7 types of fish including smoked fish such as Coli plain fish (a cheap cut will do) swordfish & mahi-mahi (both firm meaty fish) mussels & prawns and of course smoked salmon, lots of cream, touch of lemon juice, a good splash of tabasco sauce and finished with fresh chopped chives.

Look forward to catering to your needs in the future Linda, best of luck.


Kilian Hoey


Q. Hi, Could you please advise if you do any gluten free and seed (sesame seed and lind seed) free meals?



A. Dear Karen,

In response to your question I would advise that the following dishes be avoided:

Lamb Shank
Seafood Vol au vents
Homemade Bread
Ambassadors choice (Starter)
Scallop pastry (you can still order the Scallops but ask for it without pastry)
Demi glace and cream sauces - Sauces can be served separately or made to order with advance notice without wheat flour - please stipulate and have confirmed when booking your table.

Needless to say all desserts but we do have our own fresh fruit salad.

I hope that this does help.


Kilian Hoey



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